Feeling Frisky

Alone time, time to play. New house, new light sources, mirror not on the wall yet.

oh and a new name too….. @scotbadgirl so thought I’d do a Sinful Sunday.




Sinful Sunday





26 thoughts on “Feeling Frisky

  1. Holy fuck ! This reduced me to a throbbing sticky mess within seconds of looking at it. The light, the stockings, the heels, the gorgeous shape of your legs. The soft curve of your back. The fact you are alone. Christ I can feel the need for another coming on xxx


  2. I’m with Aurora on this one. Great use of lighting and the way the mirror lines accentuate your legs and that delectable bottom.

    Above all, welcome back. A wonderful image to mark your return.



  3. Such a good picture. Severely cropped (some people should be severely cropped, of course), to focus on you. Looking just lovely.

    And, it’s been mentioned above, but in case the point hasn’t been made enough: very cute arse!

    Welcome back!


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