A decision I’ve contemplated a  lot but, it’s been decided; not by me per say, but due to the world around me not being as friendly as I once thought it was.

I’ve been looking in on some of the blogs over the last month or so to see if there was anything that might ignite something in me again but no – it seems that everyone I knew is having a drama or crisis of their own that they need to deal with.
I have no time for politics/bad health/jealousy etc in my life at the moment – I have enough to deal with (divorce being finalised/house sale/errant teenage daughter and the loss of my mother earlier in the year).
So I’m boxing up the blog and putting what was for a few short months an enjoyable time to bed for good.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your decision. I can relate to the feeling that the world around you isn’t as friendly as you once thought. There are so many new sex bloggers entering the scene. And personally I think, like high school it’s cliquish. Just my opinion. I wish you all the best, sorry to hear about what you’re going through in your personal life. Hope things what out all for the best for you.


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